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PureFuel POS

Touch Screen Interface

PureFuel POS™ is a state-of-the-art point-of-sale software solution designed for retail sales, as well as integration with our PureFuel FI / PAP fuel management solution. This solution is ideal for retail fuel stations and fuel docks with direct control over your fueling dispensers.

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Touchscreen Interface

Fuel Integration

Credit Card Processing


  • Directly Linked to Items & Sales in QuickBooks®
  • Complete Fuel Dispenser Control
  • Supports Most Dispenser Brands
  • On-Screen Fuel Toolbar
  • Pre-Authorize
  • Pre-Pay
  • Automatically Tender Fuel Sales
  • Eliminate Fuel Loss

  • Eliminate Mishandling of Fuel Sales
  • Pumped Fuel Accountability
  • Supports Pay-At-Pump Sales
  • Mechanical & Electronic Pumps
  • Administrative Fuel Management
  • Advanced Fuel Reporting
  • Much More...